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Desktop FDM Plastic

Cheap & colourful. Colours include translucents, neons, glow in the darks & photochromatic. Flexible & dissolvable materials also available.

Production FDM Plastic

Strong & accurate.
Single colour per print.

High Definition Resin

Smooth & detailed. Single colour per print.

Clear Resin

Smooth & detailed.

Large Sand Casting

For larger parts and investment casting.


Can contain both hard & soft combinations.

Full Colour Powder

Six million colours.

Nylon SLS

Tough & flexible. White printed models can be dyed any colour.

Metal SLS

Titanium (CL41Ti), Tool Steel (CL50WS), Aluminium (CL31AL), Nickel-based Alloy (CL100NB), Hot Work Steel (CL91RW), Stainless Steel (CL20ES)

Castable Wax & Resin

For high-detailed investment casting applications.

Special Plastics

Bio-compatible, anti-static, polycarbonate, high heat & chemical resistance.


Vibrant full colours.