How to 3D Print with us

Our 3D Printing service provides you with a wide range of 3D Printing and related manufacturing capabilities.

We will listen to your needs and match you with the correct method and material to suite your application.

From 3D Printing, to Vacuum Casting, Laser Cutting, Injection Molding, or any combination thereof, we can help get your parts made.

And if you require capabilities that are not available locally, we have partners overseas that will.

Importantly, we are not affiliated to any particular brand. So we can offer you unbiased advice and service.

We require a 3D computer model to print from

send it

If you have a 3D computer model of your design, please email it to us. We accept almost all file formats. STP or STL files are usually best.

model it

Send us the 2D sketch of your design.
We will use modelling software to draw it up into a 3D computer model which we can print from.

scan it

If you have a physical object that you would like to replicate,
We will 3D Scan it into a 3D computer model which we can print from.

browse it

Browse online 3D model archives to find something you would like to have printed. Please check for links to some of them at the bottom of this page.

NB – if you are concerned about the protection of your idea/design/intellectual property, please provide us with a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) to sign, or ask us to provide you with our own one.

Give us detailed information about your part and how you plan to use it,

  so we can advise you on which material will suit your application.

Desktop FDM Plastic

Production FDM Plastic

High Definition Resin

Clear Resin

Nylon SLS


Full Colour Powder

Metal SLS

Large Sand Casting

Castable Wax or Resin

Special Plastics


Online 3D Model Archives

Find digital 3D models/files to have printed with our 3D Printing Service.