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The Architecture industry is embracing the 3D printing world, 3D Architecture, and it is easy to see why. With modern 3D printing, architects can now convert their 3D Architectural design drawing and sketches to real-life 3D architecture models and 3D Architectural Prototypes quickly, effectively and precisely.



3D printing offers architectures endless possibilities and allows for architectural models only the mind can limit. Below are some of the benefits of 3D printing that every Architecture firm should know:

  • 3D Printing is ideal for shape studies.
  • Bring your ideas to life with 3D architecture printing and show your customers exactly what you are envisioning. Your client may struggle to grasp your creative ideas with simple 3D drawing on a computer or sketches. Create your tangible model quickly saving you time in the model space, simply let the 3D printer do the work while you focus on other projects at hand.
  • With 3D printing you will be saving time as you no longer have to create your model by hand, or getting someone to do this for you. This allows for your firm to save time and money.
  • Pitch your designs quickly and impressively by using 3D printing to create your presentations.
  • Certain designs with specific surfaces such as double curved and other complex designs are often difficult to create and time consuming, this is no longer the case with 3D Printing

With our 3D forms’ innovative 3D printing you are able to bring your complex designs to life with extreme detail, all while saving you time (and we all know that time is money). The finest detail will now be brought to life from your building’s roof tiles, to cars and even fine details such as building bricks. One of the greatest benefits of utilising 3D printing for your 3D architectural models is that you will be able to easily edit, re-edit, reuse and re-print quicker than ever before. For more information on 3D printing in the Architecture industry, or if you would like some advice on how our expert team at 3D Forms can help you, simply contact us today. If you are wanting to purchase a 3D printer, please visit our products page for the machine that will cater to your needs, if you cannot find what you are looking for, need advice or would like to come test one of our 3D printers, simply fill out one of our contact forms and one of our team members will be in touch.

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