Nature Inspired 3D Printed Speakers

Jun 14, 2015 | Design

3D Printed Speakers

Evan Chavez from 3D Printing Industry
Nature Inspired 3D Printed Speakers

Akemake continues to produce astounding 3D prints inspired by designs in nature. Their latest prints function as speakers and combine a highly stylized modern aesthetic with the element from nature that acted as the muse. Because akemake is an e-commerce company, they promote the proliferation of their designs as a means to spread the use of 3D printing. Both Dardanus and Spirula come complete with assembly instructions and DIY advice for the home 3D printing enthusiast. The sea creature inspired works look sleek, and they echo their purpose in the home as imitations of objects repurposed as homes.

Photo akemake glass 3D printing industry

The dardanus mimics the structure of hermit crab hearths and requires some materials besides the printer filament. With the specs offered by akemake, customers can assemble the tube-like structure with an IKEA vase and some other materials including the speaker hardware required to produce sound. Luckily, the site provides the dimensions and parts needed to complete the design. Due to the glass vase structure, the akemake design enables users to play with display and lighting in a way not possible with traditional block speakers. Just as hermit crabs compete for space in their dwelling, the dardanus design can be filled according to the whim of the owner. Hopefully nothing has to be forcibly dragged from its safe haven and be forced to compete for the space as is played out in nature.

In a simplistically stunning design, the spirula, a conical structure found in the internal shell of a deep sea squid-like creature rests on speaker spikes. The likeness to the structure often found on sea floors is mathematically and visually pleasing. An elegant poetry curves the shell that functions as a fully printable desktop speaker. Similar to the other products and designs offered by akemake, spirula has dimensions and instructions readily available for curious 3DP enthusiasts.

3d akemake shell 3d printing industry

It may be the ink-black background highlighting the designs, but akemake seems to produce excellent printable objects. The detail down to the wood-like notches and symmetry in spirula reflect the meticulous attention to a high quality print and the ethos of the designs. Reflecting the spirit of an organic world, a natural form, the designs are striking and calming and simply beautiful.