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In any technology invented by humans, there are always the serious practical uses and the subsequent fun applications. The great thing about 3D printing is that it can be a method of producing anything from nothing. All you need is a computer generated 3D design and then feed it to the printer. Therefore, this opens up the opportunity to produce an ample range of fun and quirky items that you can’t find in a regular store or custom items that are made to your specifications.


  • Scale Models
  • Instead of going to the Lego store to buy a model set or building a model from scratch, why not have it 3D printed? It saves you the effort and time during the building process, and you will be able to avoid the mess created by building projects.
  • Collectables
  • For some collectors, it may be difficult to find the last piece of memorabilia to make their collection complete. With a computer generated digital design, you can have that last piece 3D printed!
  • Figurines and Cake Toppers
  • There are plenty of generic toppers and figurines that can be bought in a store. However, you can now opt for a more intimate choice with 3D printing. A 3D printed replica of you is infinitely more special than the store bought toppers.
  • Home and Garden
  • 3D printing can easily produce any piece of home décor piece or garden ornament. If you have your eyes on a designer piece but can’t find it in any stores, 3D printing can be your next option.
  • Fashion
  • Eye popping fashion does not only have to be for the runway only. You can use 3D printing to create extravagant head gear, odd jewellery, flashy sunglasses, or anything else to your liking.
  • Tech Accessories
  • This is for when you would like to have a customised cover for your mobile device or anything along those lines. 3D printing gives you the option to take advantage of having your unique design for a unique product.

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