Possible 3D Medical Models

The 3D printing technology on its own is already inspiring, but to put into it into the use of medical research and treatments is nothing short of amazing. In the beginning it was just to test a few small pieces of instruments, and has now developed into a vast range of new opportunities in the medical field.

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Here are some commonly used procedures made possible by 3D printing in medicine:

  • Prosthetic Limbs
  • The prototype 3D printed limbs are the average stiff prosthesis. The advantage they had was that they are cheaper and quicker to produce. In recent years, however, it has expanded and conglomerated with bionics technology. Modern 3D printed prosthetic limbs have fully flexible joints that can perform robotic movements. Furthermore, the patient can choose their own designs that makes them feel more confident.
  • Skin Grafts
  • Specialised doctors can now scan the damaged skin of burn victims (or anyone who suffer from external injuries) in order to determine the exact amount and thickness of skin that is needed to repair the tissues. Thereafter a printer will print the skin straight onto the patient. This is treatment is available courtesy of the technology that allowed synthetic biocompatible materials to produce entire organs.
  • Bone Structures
  • Internally, it is relatively easy to replace a bone with a 3D printed alternative. Whether it’s a femur, or ribs, or even vertebrae. These can now easily be printed and attached to the patient during an operation. However, what about bone structures that protect more delicate areas? There have been instances where 3D printed skulls were used to replace the skulls of people who have had their heads crushed in an accident.
  • Medical Research
  • One other notable use for 3D printed organs is the research opportunity. For example, scientist have 3D printed cancerous growths in order to monitor how the illness progresses through the body. This could have with finding a final cure for cancer.

These are of course just a few examples of the applications for 3D printing in the medical industry. The entire concept of these possibilities are quite amazing, and we are hoping to see more in the future.

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